Monday, January 13, 2020

There are thousands of free CMS (content management systems).

There are also thousands of free solutions for other management tasks like contacts, group calendar, events and project management.

Some of these systems are free only as free beer, not as free speech.

Grassroot groups need a combination of these functionalities.

The idea of Lino Erba is to provide a solution for grassroot projects that is professional, cheap and scalable. It a grassroot group becomes bigger, they can continue with Lino.

Lino Erba features:

  • A list of job descriptions (wanted volunteer people). How to help. Responsibilities, Long-term tasks.

  • A calendar of coming events

  • Also a classic CMS with custom pages and publication workflow.

  • Publication workflow : one worker prepares a draft of a page, then some others are invited to comment or make changes before the page goes public.

  • Comments and discussion groups

  • Newsletters

Like a CMS, but the “manage” link gives access to a full Lino application. Not just pages and menu structures but

Similar to Wagtail.

They will want to have their customized specific “website layout”. Their individual look and feel.

But all those Wikipedia

Imagine Lino Erba as a Wikipedia for grassroot groups.

It is sim

Something like

Q : Isn’t it rather that graasroot movements, unlike municipalities, would not agree with a CMS that limits their creativity. They want at least some wordpress site.