Friday, January 17, 2020

Make lino-book installable via pip

This failure has been there for a while already, seems that I must take it:

ERROR: Packages installed from PyPI cannot depend on packages which are not also hosted on PyPI.
lino-book depends on django-mailbox@ git+

Yes, Presto’s travis file installs the book using pip. No normal guy wants that because the purpose of the book is to explain and test.

But the presto docs are a first case of something that seems normal: a package not covered by the book, and whose docs do intersphinx links to the book. The lino_presto package itself doesn’t require lino_book to be installed. But Sphinx gets the URL of the book by importing it and asking for its intersphinx_url. We what to have that URL in a central place. I don’t see any better way.

So I moved the django-mailbox dependency from the book’s to requirements-include.txt. Also had to release a new PyPI version of the book, of course.

Note that the current approach doesn’t check whether we have a local clone of Tonis’ django-mailbox, and that this git repo isn’t managed by getlino configure –clone. I am not sure whether this is a problem.