Friday, May 29, 2020

Exploring Laktor

I stumbled once more into the Lektor static site generator, and gave it another try.

In the installation instructions they ask me to run curl -sf | python3. But I prefer to say pip install lektor instead. Is there something wrong with that? Yes, as they say: “Lektor actively manages virtualenvs for plugin installations in very specific ways and this might or might not work in your setup. We support pip installations for deployment environments and local development only.”

My next page was Quickstart. Great.

About rounding

I had a look into #3662 and noticed that the original problem is not directly reproducible:

>>> from lino_xl.lib.ledger.utils import myround, Decimal
>>> 1487.50 * 0.21
>>> print(myround(Decimal("312.375")))

The problem is that Lino computes and rounds the VAT amount for every item. And consequently the total of VAT amounts is not necessarily the same as the VAT of the total amount. This situation is actually legally okay (as far as I remember).

Furthermore I realized that the item_vat option must be configurable per journal. Having it as a global parameter won’t be enough because in a salespoint invoice we will want it to be True while in a b2b sales invoice we want it False. And in a purchase invoice we sometimes want to manually adjust the VAT amount because each vendor’s accounting system might have its own rounding philosophy (per item or not)

One solution might be to add an option “re-compute VAT per invoice”. If that option is set, Lino would do another loop over the dict returned by :meth:’get_payable_sums_dict’ where the VAT amount would be computed from the total base amount. This would mean that the VAT amounts of the individual items are “just informative”.

To be meditated.