Thursday, June 18, 2020

Johanna confirmed that the functionality defined by lino_xl.lib.uploads (see Tuesday, June 16, 2020) is useful for Lino Avanti as well. When no coaching history is installed, the filtering must simply ask about the currently defined coach. I opened a new #3695

I moved some demo from Lino Welfare to lino_xl.lib.clients : std and demo2. New plugin setting lino_xl.lib.uploads.Plugin.demo_coach. I converted the deprecated setup_plugins() in welfare to lino.core.plugin.Plugin.get_plugin_configs().

How to “transfer” the existing translations from welfare to xl: Manually copy the content of the welfare po files (one file per language) to the end of the xl po files. Then run inv mm in xl, which will assign them to their code files and line numbers. Then run inv mm in welfare which will remove the translations that are no longer used.

I considered whether we should rather leave all upload types in welfare and create another set of (similar) upload types for avanti? The problem is that until now they are in the pcsw fixtures (which is a design flaw for historical reasons), and if I add demo fixtures to the clients plugin, we will have them twice in welfare.

The “Identifying document” shortcut is no longer defined in lino_welfare.modlib.welfare.workflows but in lino_xl.lib.clients:

from lino.modlib.uploads.choicelists import add_shortcut as add
add('pcsw.Client', 'id_document', _("Identifying document"),

I would have wanted to specify the needs_plugins = 'lino_xl.lib.clients' in xl.uploads because my comment “don’t manage dependency automatically because that would also merge their menus” is so silly. But this has a side effect: when the clients plugin is loaded automatically already by uploads, then e.g. the menu command “Client contact types” should be under the “PCSW” menu, not under “Uploads”. So I would have needed to change the order of installed apps in welfare, which becomes visible to end users in the ordering of the main menu. PCSW would come before “Calendar” and “Reception”. Not good.

TODO: add_param_filter is called only for simple parameters. Why? For MyExpiringUploads we want it to work for the coached_by param.