Saturday, June 27, 2020


I started to work on #3465 and added courses to Lino Amici. En passant I renamed lino_amici.projects.herman to lino_amici.projects.amici1.

Six releases to PyPI (all with version 20.6.0) : Lino, XL, React front end for Lino, Lino Amici, Lino Avanti and Lino Presto.

Lino enters a new level

Today is yet another historic day for Lino. I started to formulate the big news: Lino reaches a new level. It is yet another example of how the big decisions in my life are actually not my own decisions; they seem to come from outside and I just pronounce them. I announced the news internally to Tonis and Hamza on Thursday morning, and today I got their confirmations: we are ready for the next level.