Monday, June 29, 2020

I continued working on #3695. Two final little changes:

  • MyExpiringUploads is now a dashboard item. In avanti1 you can sign in as user Nathalie to have an example in your dashboard. The demo data has two expiring upload files for client 114. You can then change the primary coach of that client and see that the expiring upload files are now in the dashboard of that user, no longer in Nathalie’s dashboard.

  • Two new settings Plugin.expiring_start and Plugin.expiring_end because I guess that the current default values 0 and 365 don’t match their needs.

The last build of the book on travis (1940) is still failing:

File "/home/travis/build/lino-framework/book/docs/specs/cosi/apc.rst", line 312, in apc.rst
Failed example:
    print(rt.find_config_file("logo.jpg", "weasyprint"))  #doctest: +ELLIPSIS

This is not a missing ellipsis. Seems that Lino doesn’t find the local config dir when running on travis. Maybe because lino_cache is being used.