Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I pushed my work of the last days to master. Quick summary of the changes:

  • Fix #3711 (Upload.manager_roles_required in Lino Avanti)

  • Increase configurability of lino.modlib.weasyprint via some new plugin settings

  • Remove call to main block’s super in some weasyprint templates

  • Restored the Partners.detail_layout for Lino Tera.

  • Remove some ResourceWarning

Some details:

New plugin settings for lino.modlib.weasyprint: Plugin.header_height Plugin.footer_height Plugin.top_right_width Plugin.top_right_image Plugin.header_image Plugin.margin_left Plugin.margin

Removed some ResourceWarning caused by constructs like:

exec(compile(open(fn, "rb").read(), fn, 'exec'))

which I replaced by:

with open(fn, "rb") as fd:
    exec(compile(fd.read(), fn, 'exec'))