Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Ismail still having problems

Ismail reported more problems with installing his developer environment. I manually tested the installation instructions and discovered (and fixed) more problems. Ismail stumbles into these problems because we do not yet have an automated test case for the installation instructions at Installing a Lino developer environment.

  • must release lino 20.7.6 after rstgen

  • rstgen had a packaging error. rstgen 20.7.1

  • move atelier.utils to rstgen.utils : atelier 1.1.27, rstgen 20.7.2

  • weasyprint didn’t declare imagesize dependency : lino 20.7.7

  • fix import utils from rstgen instead of atelier lino 20.7.8

  • fix more import utils from rstgen instead of atelier

  • fix no user nathalie during prep

  • release lino 20.7.9 to pypi

  • release avanti 20.7.3 to pypi

  • lino_noi did “from atelier.sphinxconf.base import py2url_txt”. must move py2url_txt to rstgen.utils.

  • TODO: release to pypi atelier, rstgen and noi


  • When everything works but you get a blank page: check your browser’s developer console. When static dir is not being served by runserver, this may come because DEBUG is not set to False

More manual testing on the weleup preview

As yesterday, it was the file lino_welfare/modlib/welfare/config/excerpts/Default.odt (the excerpts/Default.odt in the lino_welfare.modlib.excerpts plugin). This appy template uses a frame to define the left margin The width of that frame was now 40,99mm and the padding left and right were 2,8mm. I changed them to 42mm and 1,5mm. Also the user’s email address was now being printed, but not in their old version.

Also the vertical spacing between OurRef and Heading 1 was now much smaller. I decided to fix this by making the optional heading “(Translation)” appear with empty content also when the document is not a translation. This happens in lino_welfare/modlib/aids/config/aids/Confirmation/certificate.body.html.

As to why these side effects occur: Did I “optimize” these templates a some moment when preparing a demo for a potential customer? No, because the git history shows that i haven’t modified the file since 2018-09-28.

My next explanation is that LibreOffice has changed how it reads certain properties.

Getting tests to pass on Travis

I think I got the welfare/docs/specs/misc.rst failure. It was caused by the following bug in lino.utils.config.ConfigDirCache.scan_config_dirs(). When LINO_CACHE_ROOT is used, the local_pth is not among the settings subdirs. But if it exists, Lino must find it. (This feature is not actually being used at the moment, but who knows.)

I released rstgen, lino and lino_xl to PyPI.