Friday, July 31, 2020

The UploadsByClient table had this method:

def format_row_in_slave_summary(self, ar, obj):
    if obj.end_date and obj.end_date <
        return None
    return super(UploadsByClient, self).format_row_in_slave_summary(
        ar, obj)

This method has caused a few hours of worries to Johanna because she believed that Lino was automatically deleting all uploads when their validity date had expired.

I now removed the method. I guess that this filtering was some old idea that nobody actually ever wanted.

I renamed UploadsByClient to UploadsByProject. The master is no longer dd.plugins.clients.client_model but (which is the same for all existing applications that use uploads).

The uploads plugin in Lino Presto was not yet visible. After a feedback from Margarete I guess that they also want this plugin, and not just the plain modlib variant but the xl variant (with expiry date management)

Presto adds another upload shortcut “Category certificate”.

Changed a few rules in the demo fixtures:

The std fixture of the lino.modlib.uploads plugin now automatically creates one upload type for each shortcut, and no longer requires the id_document shortcut.