Thursday, September 17, 2020

I am trying to publish a gig on My main problem is the question: what do I have to sell? Here is my first draft, which took me three days of surfing, watching tutorials and meditating:

I will write for you a desktop-like web application that satisfies your requirements, using the Lino framework, which is basically Django with an improved web interface using React or ExtJS (at your choice).

All my code is published as free software. When the site enters into production mode, you can either host and maintain it yourself, or ask me for an SLA.

General project workflow: You send me a first description of your requirements. I answer with an estimation whether I can do it and how much it will cost in the long run. You pay a deposit of 200€. I write a prototype site with fictive demo data, present it to you in a shared screen session, collect your feedback and tell you my price for doing the next development iteration. You can play with the prototype for one month before deciding whether our collaboration continues.

Base prices :

  • set up a first prototype, including 2h presentation : 200€

  • each development iteration gets an individual price between 500€ and 2000€.

  • when your site is ready to go into production, I can offer hosting for 8€ per end user per month (including unlimited support to one main user)

  • at any time you can ask me for further software development and optimizations 70€/hour.

  • you always remain free to stop our collaboration and organize yourself hosting and maintenance.

But see Sunday, September 20, 2020.