Saturday, October 3, 2020

I installed react devtools for Firefox

I read

Aris and I had our first meeting on Jitsi.

With Aris I created a new react app as described here.

To install primereact, in addition to saying npm install primereact I had to say npm install classnames and npm install react-transition-group, as described here.

We tried to get the Dropdown components to work again.

I learned about React.Component.shouldComponentUpdate().

I started the lino_fuori package (lated renamed to Lino Mentori).

Two main types of “activities” are “Internships” and “Seminars”. These are defined in ActivityLayouts.

The plugin no longer requires the plugin. Fuori is the first application that has courses and enrolments, but doesn’t care about calendar entries. Basic step was to remove the following line in

needs_plugins = ['']

And then several if cal is not None (i.e. the courses plugin now takes care of using cal only when it is installed).

The inv bd command in atelier was still using atelier.doctest_utf8:

# DOCTEST_CMD = "atelier.doctest_utf8"
DOCTEST_CMD = "doctest"

Some adaptations to “recommended” practice in the Algus project:

  • demo projects of an application foo are named foo1, foo2 etc

  • The application’s “standard settings” are now in the file lino_foo/lib/foo/ file was