Monday, November 2, 2020

Today I discovered the OpenGraph protocol, a standard used by Facebook to give meta information when sharing a web link. The OpenGraph website says that it “is currently being consumed by Facebook, Google, and mixi”, but the link under Google is broken and I didn’t yet find any confirmation that it is being used outside of the Facebook imperium.

It makes sense to learn this standard when you want to share news into Facebook. When I share a link on Facebook, the FB scraper includes the first image it finds on my web page. I can optimize these things.

Facebook’s “scraper debuggr tool” helps with understanding how they perceive the world and my website:

For example I would like to specify an explicit image url to be used when sharing a blog post.

Does Sphinx support OpenGraph? Is it possible to specify more metadata entries in the html header?

The docs (under Meta-information markup) only mention two directives sectionauthor and codeauthor.

docutils as a built-in meta directive, which we can use to specify OpenGraph tags. The syntax is a bit special:

.. meta::
   :property="og:image:width": 1123
   :property="og:image:height": 794
   :property="og:type": article

Specifying the width and height is optional since FB analyzes itself the image when they are not given.

But FB has the following limitation: You should use a 1.91:1 image ratio, such as 600x314px.