Friday, February 19, 2021

I found and fixed two minor bugs: in lino.modlib.checkdata: the --prune option of checkdata didn’t actually work. And checkdata (without --prune) didn’t remove obsolete messages of unbound checkers. These bugs became visible only now because lino.modlib.uploads.UploadsFolderChecker is the first unbound data checker that has something to say (if we ignore lino_xl.lib.vat.VatColumnsChecker which is rarely used at the moment.)

New configuration option lino.modlib.uploads.Plugin.remove_orphaned_files.

I reviewed the checkdata : High-level integrity tests page. Seems I found a way to properly document the check_data and fix_problems actions.

I converted the settings package of lino_book.projects.avanti1 into a simple module. Mostly because I want to write demo fixtures that upload files, and the media folder is “at the wrong place” in projects with a settings package.