Monday, May 17, 2021

The front page ( is now multilingual.

SR is now also considered part of the Lino documentation framework. Testing linkable pages Hamza Khchine, Luc Saffre.

I changed the sphinx theme from insipid to pydata. Mostly because insipid had two disturbing oddities on a mobile phone: the sidebar menu didn’t hide away after selecting another page from the menu. And in some situations the font weight of a whole page changed when you first touched it.

Note that when I refer to A framework via intersphinx, I should get always the English version.

I did an update of the demos on
go cosi1e ; pm prep --noinput
go noi1r ; pm prep --noinput
go voga1e ; pm prep --noinput
sudo service supervisor restart

(Before this I removed some unused repositories from the script, which was as generated by getlino. But e.g. we don’t need book, welfare and some other repositories there.)

Sharif and I had a 2,5 hours extreme programming session where we did an extensive reorganization of the site_data for #4102. That was fun!