Friday, May 28, 2021

I “finished” the developer documentation about notify: Notification framework and did a last code change: renamed enable_push to use_push_api.

Once more I gave in to the temptation of working a bit in the general documentation and reorganized some pages in the, Lino Community Guide and the Lino User Guide.

Sharif and I had a session where we started the OpenHelp action. Every actor gets a “Help” button, which opens a window on the site documentation generated by makehelp. The new button action appears already in the toolbar, but is not yet clickable. We added a new method Action.get_a_href_target(), which is to be called by the renderer when rendering the JS cache files. It usually returns None. When it returns a string, Lino should treat this string as a constant URL to be opened in a new window instead of any other action. Sharif will continue on this. : this failure (and several others of this style) is because I forgot to add the static path to atelier’s

Atelier is now at version 1.1.38. It starts to sound ridiculous. We might change from semantic versioning to the month-based versioning like for Lino. There is one thing that makes me hesitate: I have absolutely no idea why I would ever want to use semantic versioning. That’s suspicious.