Thursday, June 10, 2021

Sharif and I had a brainstorming about what we can do to improve Lino’s calendar functionality.


The lino_xl.lib.calview plugin still has some quite visible issues :

  • Fix the minimum column width: when rendering the columns for the weekdays, the calendar view switches to quickly into the mode “There is not enough width to display all columns, so I must add a horizontal wrapper”

  • The navigation_panel should be collapsible.

  • The navigation buttons are kind of duplicated. But which one to remove? User can skip by day and by month, but not by year.

Google API:

  • rename googleapi_people to google and have it collaborate also with cal and albums.

  • Have lino_xl.lib.contacts.Person and inherit from GooglePeopleSynchronized.

  • GooglePeopleSynchronized to a separate module and add a test if dd.is_installed('google'): so that the mixin can be used also when the plugin is not installed (and doesn’t add anything in that case).


  • Rename GooglePeople to GoogleSynchronized google_resourceName becomes a class attribute. For each resource we will have a subclass: GooglePeopleSynchronized GoogleCalendarSynchronized GoogleImagesSynchronized