Thursday, June 17, 2021

An overview of existing Lino applications

Here is my plan for the demo session for Natasa.

I switched mathieu and avanti1 to demo_date 20210617 and ran pm prep. In mathieu this caused a unique constraint failure, so I optimized welfare.modlib.isip.ContractBase.suggest_cal_guests() to remove duplicate partners from its suggestions.

In mathieu I also changed languages to “en fr de nl”.

mathieu (Lino Welfare)

  • Sign in as theresia (reception clerk) and receive a client, e.g. Guido Radermacher.

  • Sign in as a social worker and meet the client

  • workshops and enrolments

  • aids and aids confirmations

avanti1 (ref:avanti)

  • Sign in as robin. Show alphabetization course. Try to mark the lesson 11.06.2021 as took place. Lino refuses.

  • Sign in as laura and mark the participants of 11.06.2021 as present.

noi1r (ref:noi)

roger (ref:voga)

lydia (ref:tera)

amici1 (ref:amici)