Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Lino Medico

Sharif and I had a brainstorming for a new Lino, Lino Medico, that might be useful in Bangladesh where there is no national health insurance system.

Inspiration from Estonia:

Concepts that might be useful in Lino Medico

  • calendar : National eBooking system : Booking, changing and cancelling the specialist visit time

  • personal medical history

  • medical data the health care service providers have submitted about you.

  • incapacity certificates

  • physician

  • prescriptions for pharmaceuticals

  • prescriptions for medical devices

Existing plugins that might be useful:

  • cal, calview

  • contacts : physicians and patients

  • clients

  • products (pharmaceuticals)

  • tickets, comments : patient history

  • courses (therapies)