Friday, August 27, 2021

I am working on compound ticket #4302 for Lino Così. This page is my progress summary.


  • Remove the “payment method” field. We don’t use it in Così. –> Not sure whether we want this. Think more. Maybe we can use the payment method also in a simple Così.


  • Add phones plugin to Cosi

  • “Introductive text” should be printed before the table of items. And the field label is not translated to German.

  • Remove the VAT class “vehicles” in bevat and bevats

  • Show the VAT rate in the designations of VAT classes

  • intra-community sales invoice were not booked correctly in bevat

  • Enter and register a purchase invoice doesn’t work when the accounting period doesn’t exist. (Not reproducible. I guess that this was a misdiagnosis)

  • The __str__() of an unregistered invoice used to say “jnl.ref #id”, but that’s irritating. Note the hide_editable_number feature: We usually don’t want to see the number of a voucher in an editable state because that number may change. Now the __str__() of an unregistered invoice shows (Sales invoice #1) instead of (VKR #1), which was indeed dangerously similar to VKR 1/2021. And it’s true that not only the number might change but also the journal.

  • The icon of the toggle_state action is not rendered in ExtJS


  • Adapt the payment date when voucher_date changes. Must wait for #4305.

  • Export the list of intracom customers (intra-community statement) to XML (the well-known #2406).

  • Write a data checker to report duplicate or missing invoice numbers

  • When hitting Insert in a grid view of invoice items, the new item should get inserted before the currently selected row. Requires a change in the framework.