Thursday, March 17, 2022

Brainstorming with Sharif for Lino Medico.

A patient comes to a first meeting. This is just a calendar entry. Bangladesh does not have the concept of family doctors (perearst, Hausarzt). During the meeting, the doctor may decide with the patient to start one or several treatments or therapies. A therapy is usually a course with one participant.

For example:

  • Doctor: “I write you a prescription. Try it. And if your problem doesn’t go away, come back.” Doctor creates a course from the calendar entry. And this entry should automatically be linked to that course. The course mainly mentions the original problem. When the patient goes home, they should get their “case” number.


    courses.Course._meta.verbose_name = _(“Case”) # _(“Dossier”) _(“File”)

    Lino should have a procedure for detecting cases that have timed out. For example after two months we can assume that the problem is fixed if the patient didn’t come back. Lino should automatically set Course.state to “timed_out” for such cases.

    Follow up: Patient contacts the reception: “I need another consultation”. Reception clerk finds the patient contact and sees: yes, you have an open case. Creates another calendar entry for that case.

  • Examples of course lines: “general consultation” and “urgent consultation”

  • The generalist is a doctor who receives patients for such first-time consultations. A specialist receives cases when some generalist decides so. Every case is like a ticket in Noi: the Course.user is the first doctor, Course.teacher is the “currently responsible” doctor. The generalist can assign a case to a specialist.

  • The generalist can enrol the patient into a group therapy. “Every Monday they are doing gymnastics”.

  • The generalist can create several cases at the same time when the patient has two problems at once.

  • Example: emergency patient. write an order for x-ray. another doctor makes the diagnose: leg is broken. writes an order to plaster.

    I will write a order for X-Ray and they will assign some doctor to continue with you.

  • Or “You need some therapy, I will put you to the waiting list.” This will