Friday, April 28, 2023

The action request on a slave table didn’t always report correctly about invalid master type. I added more examples in More chooser examples. Fixing this caused internal optimizations in lino.core.requests and lino.core.tablerequest.

I generalized the lino.utils.MissingRow idea. Until now it was used only by lino.core.choicelists.PointingChoice, now it is also used when the master instance could not be found.

I restored the translatable texts for DurationUnits and Recurrences, which had been lost when we recently moved these classes from to lino.modlib.system

The lino.modlib.linod.BackgroundTask now logs using DEBUG instead of INFO. Because it causes 3 messages every 10 seconds.

I moved the demo fixture for noi1e and noi1r demo projects from lino_book.projects.noi1e to lino_noi.lib.noi. Because we want it also on a demo server.

While working on this, I also happened to optimize content in the Developer Guide.