Some optimizations in calview

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

I pushed a few days of work for #4960. The book and welfare test suites passed, one failure in presto intentionally left open because it has to do with Actor.get_title().

Fixed bugs: In weekly view, the day numbers in the column headers are now clickable and switch to daily view. In monthly view, the week numbers are now clickable and switch to weekly view. The title of the slave table in the details of the three calendar views is now empty (instead of repeating the title of the detail window). In Presto where we have more than one planner, the daily/weekly buttons went to the default Calendar planner instead of staying in the Workers planner.

I reported a bug and a feature request in the React front end: #4958 and #4959


  • Filtering doesn’t seem to work in the calendar views.

  • Document difference between title and label of an actor

  • Should Actor.get_title() return None when both title and label are None?