Monday, June 19, 2023

The changes for #4551 will replace the “event pass” approach, which is used in Lino Voga where we collect “events” in the volatile InvoicingInfo object. This approach will be replaced by a new journal of “delivery notes”. In Voga these delivery notes are internal: the customer usually don’t need them. Lino can generate them more or less automatically.

About the ProvisionFiller mixin. A provision filler is an invoice generator that creates invoices when a given provision has reached a given minimal quantity. For example:

  • Voga : the participant buys an entry pass for 10 sessions, and when 8 of these sessions have been used up, the customer receive an invoice in order to buy a next entry pass. This is called continuous enrolment.

  • Noi : the customer buys a time credit of 5 hours, and when this credit is used up, they receive an invoice that invites them to buy new time credit.