Saturday, October 28, 2023

I am meditating and juggling with the database structure of pages and blogs.

The big difference with established systems is that in Lino we don’t provide a WYSIWYG editor. Every section or subsection of a page is a node in the Lino database. Lino CMS is not like SimpleCMS but rather like CMSimple. Why is this so cool? See this screencast by Black Scorpion.

I am meditating about questions like: Is there one big pagination sequence, which includes special pages like automatically generated monthly overviews? Can blog entries have multiple pages? Are there pages where we want the children to sorted alphabetically by name? Should we rename the current concept of ContentFillers to NodeGenerator?

- Node(Polymorphic, Hierarchical, Sequenced, Previewable, Commentable):
  - title
  - body
  - child_node_depth
  - node_type
  - filler

- Publishable:
  - publishing_state
  - language

- pages.Page(Node, Publishable):
  - ref (or name)
  - translated_from

- blogs.Entry(Node, Publishable):
  - pub_date
  - pub_time
  - author