Friday, December 8, 2023

Yesterday I started a new Lino Amici production site for the “Association of Estonian Taizé Friends”, a small group of volunteers. My idea is to give them a collaboration and file sharing platform similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams. I am the only one to believe in this idea. I wouldn’t even say that I “believe” in it, I’d rather say I “feel a call to try” it.

Why not Mattermost? Because Mattermost is not really free any more. Okay, but why not Zulip? Led by Tim Abbott, Zulip seems very similar to Lino. His wife Alya Abbott is quite good with promoting the idea (read e.g. When “free forever” means “free for the next 4 months”). And Zulip has more than 1000 code contributors, their Contributing guide is obviously better than ours.

In other words, reasonably spoken, I should recommend Zulip to my Estonian Taizé friends rather than burdening them with a Lino.

My problem is that reality is not always reasonable.