Friday, October 3, 2014

I rediscovered the ticket docs/tickets/122 and merged docs/tickets/130 into it.

Started to prepare database migration for ÖSHZ Eupen.

I decided to undo the following change (2014-09-19):

  • Lino Welfare now sets the person_model for both humanlinks and household to pcsw.Client.

Because (1) this would cause lots of simple Persons to become Clients in Eupen and (2) it is probably no longer necessary because we have now the polymorphic navigator (2014-09-20).

lino.modlib.households.SiblingsByPerson now also in Eupen no longer uses slave_grid_format “summary”

The std fixture for welfare.aids now adds a company “Belgisches Rotes Kreuz”, to have an example of a confirmation with predefined recipient.