The following two changes came because it took me a rather long time to understand why the Detail of the new dsbe.jobs.Offer model complained about not finding the jobs.PersonsByOffer slave report. Explanation that this was called contacts.PersonsByOffer according to my own rules established 2011-08-22.

The app_label of a Report

I changed (again) the rules for setting the app_label of a Report:

The default value (which should be used in most cases) is the “application” where the Report is defined. For example it’s now dsbe.MyPersons and not contacts.MyPersons, dsbe.LinksByPerson and not links.LinksByPerson, lino.ContentTypes and not contenttypes.ContentTypes

Enhanced the message of the exception risen when an unknown element name is found in a .dtl file: it also now tells us the possible values, including slave reports.

makedocs got better

lino.management.commands.makedocs got a bit better. The result is at https://www.lino-framework.org/dsbe/appdocs.html and https://www.lino-framework.org/igen/appdocs.html (but is not yet production ready).