Incomplete dates

Lino now allows to store incomplete dates like “1978-00-00” or “1978-06-00”. New classes lino.utils.IncompleteDate, lino.fields.IncompleteDateField, lino.utils.bcss.IncompleteDateField lino.ui.extjs.ext_elems.IncompleteDateFieldElement and Lino.IncompleteDateField in linolib.js.

lino.modlib.contacts.models.Born uses this for a Person’s birth_date field.

Background: There are quite some people who don’t know their exact birth date. That’s no reason to not get registered in Belgium! BCSS accepts birth dates.

Note that we limit to the cases of incompleteness managed by the BCSS and don’t go as far as the GEDCOM and ISO 8601 standards mentioned in a post How to store an incomplete date?.

Release https://www.lino-framework.org/releases/2011/1120.html + upgrade in Eupen.