Lino and OpenERP

Surfed about ticket docs/tickets/51.

A forum post in December 2010 Hmm, the forum doesn’t seem to be the right place to start learning OpenObject.

OpenERP tools & tips This guy must be an interesting person. While he still wrote “the community is currently dominated by OpenERP partners”, I continue to hope that they are working on this problem. For example the following document obviously is quite recent: http://doc.openerp.com/v6.0/contribute/01_introduction.html

Aha, there is at least one fork of OpenERP: http://www.tryton.org

GettingStartedWithOpenERPDev Interesting thoughts. Seems that I should start to get familiar with Eclipse and http://pydev.org/

Documentation cleanup

  • Converted Lino’s repository to use Mercurial’s eol extension Changeset d748776b4a8e is because of that. It touches all files, but just to review their EOL characters.

  • Added a file ci.bat to save some keystrokes when doing a check-in. Typing ci 1121 will do:

    hg ci -m http://code.google.com/p/lino/source/browse/docs/blog/2011/1121.rst
  • Removed old blog entries and releases from the html build. The .rst files remain at their place.

BCSS connection

More bugs removed:

  File "/var/snapshots/lino/lino/utils/bcss.py", line 524, in reply2lines
    yield "    - Information.FieldName: %s" % reply.ServiceReply.ResultSummary.Detail.Information.FieldName
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'Information'

  File "/var/snapshots/lino/lino/modlib/bcss/models.py", line 135, in execute_request
TypeError: on_bcss_ok() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)

  File "/var/snapshots/lino/lino/utils/bcss.py", line 525, in reply2lines
    yield "    - Information.FieldName: %s" % dtl.Information.FieldName
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'FieldName'

  File "/var/snapshots/lino/lino/utils/bcss.py", line 525, in reply2lines
    yield "    - ReasonCode: %s" % dtl.Detail.ReasonCode
AttributeError: Object instance has no attribute 'Detail'

  File "/var/snapshots/lino/lino/utils/bcss.py", line 526, in reply2lines
    for info in dtl.Information:
TypeError: iteration over non-sequence