Still worked the whole day on the internal changes which I started a week ago in order to integrate the Ext.ensible Calendar Panel.

Today was a typical ExtJS problem: I called Window.setTitle() The DOM element got updated, but the Eindow’s new header text didn’t appear on screen. And when inspecting the element with FireBug or Chrome Development Console, the updated content was there. Very puzzling. The explanation seems to be: I’m calling Window.setTitle() during rendering (while the Window or part of it’s components were still being rendered). The rendered flag was already true, but if you look at the code of Ext.Component.render you see that a lot of things still happen afterwards. I lazily worked around this by using defer.

Updated installation docs

No, a Linux server is not required in order to see Lino. Wrote new article https://www.lino-framework.org/admin/install_windows.html.