After playing around with Lino’s new calendar panel, I get the feeling that I don’t want the preliminary EventEditWindow with the “Edit Details…” button.

After looking at the Ext.ensible code, and after reading Brians posts in the Ext.ensible forum (here and there), it seems that I must replace Ext.ensible.cal.EventEditWindow, not Ext.ensible.cal.EventEditForm.

That means that I’d better also remove my WindowWrapper classes which became almost useless anyway. That would replace

Lino.thirds.ThirdsByOwner.grid = function(caller,params) {
  var ww = new Lino.GridMasterWrapper(caller,{  });
  params.containing_window = ww;
  var main_grid5470 = new Lino.thirds.ThirdsByOwner.GridPanel(params);
  ww.main_item = main_grid5470;


Lino.thirds.ThirdsByOwner.grid = function(caller,params) {
  new Lino.Window({
    items:new Lino.thirds.ThirdsByOwner.GridPanel(params)

New tutorial

Started new tutorial https://www.lino-framework.org/tutorials/t3.html.

The new method lino.Lino.get_middleware_classes() is there to support sites without any user management by setting lino.Lino.user_model to None.

Some changes to support the case of lino.Lino.user_model being None on a real site.