It took another 4 hours to remove also the WindowWrapper concept. One long-known bug was solved en passant:

Lino.show_mti_child() hat einen Bug: wenn man von einer Grid ins Detail geht und im Detail dann mit PgUp den Record wechselt, und dann auf “zeigen” klickt, dann zeigt er den record, auf dem man in der grid doppelt geklickt hatte, nicht den richtigen.

Check-in because the original functionality is now almost restored.

One more bug fixed (took 1 hour of bug-hunting + 1 hour of meditation): Lino allowed to close a dirty window without the warning “Save changes in current record?”. That bug was already in previous versions, but not yet known.

Check-in 20111206T1035


  • When opening a slave report in itsown window, the GridPanel’s title is not deleted.

  • Finally do the thing that caused all these changes: make the calendar panel call a Lino Window to edit an Event.