Started a topic overview document https://www.lino-framework.org/topics/names.html. Work in progress.

Renamed Actor.setup() to Actor.after_site_setup(). Renamed Actor.init_label to lino.core.actors.Actor.get_actor_label (overridden by lino.core.table.Table.get_actor_label).


Changes in lino.apps.pcsw.migrate.migrate_from_1_4_3():

  • now converts Companies with prefix ‘Eheleute’ (and an empty vat_id) to a Household.

  • no longer repair isip.Contracts and jobs.Contracts because users have been told to do this themselves in the original data.

I noted that a households.Household extended contacts.Partner. But we’ll probably need also the fields bank_account1, bank_account2, activity, is_deprecated… which are in pcsw.CpasPartner.So we now inherit from this class. Also the table (households.Households) must inherit pcsw.Partners in order to disable imported data. Which means that the module now explicitly depends on lino.apps.pscw.