Yet another series of aweful new features for the lino_xl.lib.cal module. It’s all about managing team meetings.

  • Added new model Membership: each user defines his own “team”, of which he is the leader, and for which he can select other users to be members. The only effect of this strange kind of team is to tell Lino which other users’s events should be shown when using the new Team View button of the CalendarPanel.

  • Added new field invite_team_members to the Calendar model. Events in this calendar (if they are public and scheduled) will automatically get the guests list filled with the owner’s team members.

  • lino_xl.lib.cal.customize_users() now adds the new fields “Default access class” and “Default calendar” to lino.modlib.users.models.User.

  • The Calendar tab of the User Detail is now more complex (and it is enjoyable to see how easy this job is done in site_setup):

    cal_left:30 cal.RemindersByUser:60

    This also revealed a new layout rendering bug. That panel is currently rendered correctly only when not in background (i.e. after clicking the permalink button).

  • Documented add_detail_panel and add_detail_tab. New documentation page https://www.lino-framework.org/topics/layouts.html.

  • New fixture demo_events which generates a more or less useful suite of demo events. (In fact this needs still some more tuning, but we’re on our way.)


  • Didn’t yet manage to show ni PanelEvents also the events to which I am invited.

  • Aforementioned layout bug