• Removed MySentInvitations and MyPendingSentInvitations because the owner of a team event will not manage invitations one by one, she will rather just go to “My notified events”.

  • Added new email template Event/Team.eml.html used to notify team members of changes in an event. Depending on the event’s state, the mail is formulated as invitation, reminder or confirmation.

  • New method after_state_change. Modified signature of before_state_change: added a kw argument where subclasses may update the action response.

    Example usage is lino_xl.lib.cal.Event.after_state_change().

    TODO: store the action response into the ActionRequest and remove the kw argument.

  • New method after_state_change. An event changes automatically from “suggested” to “notified” when it has been sent by email.

  • Added ar (the ActionRequest) to the CheetahTemplate context during lino.modlib.outbox.Mailable.get_mailable_intro().

  • The guests of a team event (i.e. whose Calendar.invite_team_members is set) Are now filled independently of the access_class. A private team event will be seen by those who are invited, but not by other users.