Who is Mark James?

I tried to say thanks to Mark James, the author of the Silk Icons… but the email address mjames@gmail.com no longer exists. And oops, according to 192.com there are about 43 people named Mark James in Birmingham:


Jan Olsen obviously had similar problems, already back in 2009, before starting the Silk Icons Evolved project.

When updating my https://www.lino-framework.org/about/thanks.html page I noticed that Lino included a file pyuca_allkeys.txt, an unmodified copy of the original file. And although I understand their Terms of Use as giving me the right to do this, I have become more careful after my collision with Klaus Lüchtefeld from Köln. This file presents an unnecessary risk of me having misinterpreted their copyright notice. So I removed the file and added a warning in lino.modlib.vocbook.base.

Homework Schools

Continued on lino.apps.homeworkschool.

One change in lino_xl.lib.cal: RecurrenceSet no longer is a ProjectRelated. Because homeworkschool will maybe have school.Course as project_model.

There is now a default text in lino.Lino.get_main_html().