Yesterday’s todo is solved:

  • ledger.Voucher should not define it’s own detail_layout, but Movement.voucher (the pointer to Voucher) should be clickable and link to the detail of the one and only VoucherType MTI child of that Voucher.

It was easier than expected, we just need a display field on Movement

def voucher_link(self,ar):
    obj = self.voucher.journal.voucher_type.model.objects.get(
    return ar.href_to(obj)

More things to meditate:

  • is it really necessary that Voucher is a non-abstract class?

  • It is irritating that the ledger and sales panels of a partner partly seem to show redundant information: the same invoice (when registered) appears in two lists.

A first idea to solve the latter is to have ledger.InvoicesByPartner show only unregistered invoices.

Oops, did I say “unregistered invoices”? Renamed the action “Unregister” to “Deregister”. Because “unregistered” (“unregistriert”, “non enregistré”) is an adjective and means “currently not registered” and includes the case of an invoice that has never been registered. While “to deregister” is a verb, meaning to undo a previously executed “register” action. “deregistered” then is the participe of this verb, as in “Invoice X has been deregistered”, which is to be translated as “entregistriert” and “désenregistré”.

FiscalYears and FiscalPeriods

A design decision: should it be possible to write a Lino application that uses the modlib and that provides VAT declarations with providing ledger? Theoretically this is not unthinkable that somebody wants to enter sales and purchases invoices and to have Lino generate VAT declarations without using the ledger module.

So the answer is basically yes. This means that we have a little problem: where should we define FiscalYears? Currently it is in ledger, but


Some more changes in lino_welfare.modlib.newcomers after feedback of users.

Fixed two framework bugs:

  • until now it was not possible to specify help_text for virtual fields.

  • DecimalFieldElement did not take the correct preferred_width

And some optimizations:

  • Renamed _lino_preferred_width to the now documented preferred_foreignkey_width

  • The name_column of lino.modlib.users.models.User now also has a preferred_width of 15.