Working on lino.apps.cosi.

  • labelWidth 80 -> 90 im Login-Fenster weil “Nom d’utilisateur” sonst nicht passte.

  • insert_layout ledger.AccountInvoices

  • user can now confirm an Insert window by pressing ENTER key

  • ledger and sales now add_detail_tab to contacts.Partners, Persons and Companies

  • ledger now uses accounts.MODULE_LABEL which changed from “Accounts” to “Accounting”

  • new user group “accounting” defined in accounts

  • lino.utils.users.UserProfiles.reset() now supports the situation where a string of user groups is specified but doesn’t name all groups. This leads to a set of default_memberships. For example, lino.apps.cosi uses module ‘accounts’ which now defines usergroup ‘accounting’, but we didn’t yet override lino.apps.cosi.Lino.setup_choicelists() to reflect this change.

  • ledger invoices (“simple invoices”) now have a column vat_class

Here a dependancy graph for the lino.modlib modules I’m working on.

digraph foo {

   sales -> contacts;
   sales -> ledger;
   sales -> products;
   ledger -> accounts;
   ledger -> vat;
   accounts -> contacts;
   ledger -> contacts;
   vat -> contacts;

It looks sophisticated, but nobody ever claimed that lino.modlib is a simple thing.

Note especially that accounts is being used in Lino/Welfare which does not currently use ledger.


  • ledger.Voucher should not define it’s own detail_layout, but Movement.voucher (the pointer to Voucher) should be clickable and link to the detail of the one and only VoucherType MTI child of that Voucher.