20130612 (Wednesday, 12 June 2013)


  • Fixed a little bug: the admin_main.html template of Lino-Welfare displayed welfare.pcsw.UsersWithClients also to users without permission to view it.

  • DispensesByClient and ActivityReport had wrong required.


  • Lino is now able to render GenericForeignKey fields correctly in a Grid.

  • Removed a temporary exception “20120521 More than 300 items in %s”


  • The invoiceable field (a GenericForeignKey) is now rendered using a clickable link to the invoiceable’s detail window.


  • The “Fill” action is not enough: we need a main menu action “generate all invoiceable invoices”, a table of all invoiceables, …

  • Move the “invoiceable” code from lino_faggio.models to lino.modlib.trading