20130801 (Thursday, 01 August 2013)

A bug in Lino’s Javascript

Yesterday I discovered an internal bug: the “Checkin” link in workflow_buttons of AppointmentsByClient doesn’t work. It tries to call Lino.reception.AppointmentsByClient.checkin(“ext-comp-1233”,1) but this causes a Javascript error Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method ‘checkin’.

This bug is due to the changes on 2013-07-23 or 2013-07-26.

About the timtools project

timtools is still actively being used by all TIM users, but there has been no need for a release since version 1.0.5 in September 2010. Before the next release it would need some work after my moving from Windows to Linux. I guess I’ll have to run mkdist.py in a VirtualBox with a MS-Windows to get py2exe running. I now made a checkin with some minor corrections.

When to rebuild the lino_xxx_xx.js file

At startup, Lino calls lino.utils.code.codetime() and keeps this timestamp in a variable mtime in the lino.ui.ExtUI instance.

But after some changes some time ago this happened before everything was loaded. For example the lino.extjs module wasn’t yet. Result was that a change in lino.extjs triggered a reload of the devserver but not a rebuild of the lino_xxx_xx.js file. Took me some time to find this explanation.