20130924 (Tuesday, 24 September 2013)

Fixed some last-minute bugs

Discovered a bug in the generated Javascript: The problem “Size or layout of params_panel is not correct when opened for the first time.” was not yet completely solved: In a params_panel with only one row of fields (e.g. welfare.contacts.Persons) they caused an endless loop of resize events.

Fixed using changes in js_render_ParamsPanelSubclass and other places. Here be dragons. We now assume that a params_panel must have autoHeight: true, which means that it may not any vflex row. Because the panel had layout “fit” which is wrong, it must be always layout “form” and

Discovered and fixed another AJAX bug: In an answer to /callbacks/123456 was missing a “/”. This one was introduced yesterday by the new site_prefix

A third (less severe) bug was that an internal server error which occured during a Lino.list_action_handler was not reported to the user. Lino displayed the loadMask forever.

All these tests had slipped through the test suite (to track such bugs in the Javascript code I would have to use Jasmine…)


Despite the above last-minute bugs I decided to make a relase and an upgrade in Eupen tonight.


Old version

New version

atelier – A collection of tools for software artists



djangosite – A server startup signal for Django



north – Another way to migrate Django databases



lino – A framework for writing desktop-like web applications using Django and ExtJS



lino_welfare – A Lino application for Belgian Public Welfare Centres