20130925 (Wednesday, 25 September 2013)ΒΆ

Updated /changes.

lino.ui.views.requested_actor() no longer causes an internal server error when a request with an invalid app_label arrives. And it now raises a http.Http404 instead of a simple Exception for any invalid request.

This was because some robot had started to consult regularily some pages http://belref.lino-framework.org/plain/countries/Cities?ul=nl (which should be http://belref.lino-framework.org/countries/Cities?ul=nl). Instead of answering with a 500, Lino now answers with a 404.

Also translated the messages appearing on this page to the three languages of my home country.

The beforementioned page on belref showed also Aalst, for which I happened to know that it is Alost in French. Reason for me to read more about Aalst and to update the fixtures of lino.modlib.countries so the belref shows it correctly.

Moved lino_welfare.modlib.statbel to lino.modlib.statbel because belref depends on it.