20140114 (Tuesday, 14 January 2014)

Luc’s Linux Blog goes online

Adapted my local llb project to use it for blogging about everything related to free software (other than my own projects). Opened a new ticket /tickets/1. This ticket was in fact the reason to revitalize this blog ;-)

Later (in 2015) I merged the llb entries into my general blog.

Adding tags to my blog

These last days I have been thinking and experimenting on the question docs/tickets/88: Nikola, Fiddling with my own Sphinx extensions, identi.ca, Wordpress.

Probably the important thing missing on my current documentation and bloging system is a possibility to “tag” entries (or alternatively to print a list of articles that refer to a given place).

Now I discovered sphinxcontrib-taglist, which seems to be the solution.

Hm, but I cannot figure out how to get this working. I tried the following:

  • inserted some tags to the present page using either the tag role (lets insert blog and docs for this page) or the tag directive.

  • I created a new page /docs/ref/tags.rst with a taglist directive.

The tags are nicely formatted as tags should be, but they are not clickable, and the /ref/tags page does not give a list of tagged entries.

Tried cloning from Github and using the development version instead of the released version. No difference. Sent a mail to the author.

atelier.fablib: The fab blog command now also works in docs-only projects like llb which have no Python code at all.