20140115 (Wednesday, 15 January 2014)

More about taglist

The author of sphinxcontrib-taglist helped me to understand how to use it.

His explanation:

You have:

.. tag:: blog docs

but it should be like:

.. tag:: [blog docs] Some text


.. tag:: Some text
  :tag: blog docs

The main idea was to ‘tag’ some piece of information, not the page as whole. So you need provide ‘Some text’ which you want to tag.

What I really want

But then I realized that I want even more (or maybe less): I don’t want to specify a text for each occurence of a tag. I “just” want a directive that inserts a list of “pages referring to this”.

For example when I write in the present blog entry the present sentence which mentions Database Migration or Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” (which for me is are well-known concepts, and I know that I have somewhere an article about it), then I want on both of these pages, after having explained that concept, in a section “Pages referring to this”, a reference to this blog entry. A simulation:

Data migration

Data migration is bla bla bla

Pages referring to this