Monday, June 9, 2014

Common Knowledge

Last Friday (2014-06-06) I wrote about my vision of “using The Python serializer as data format for maintaining the list of places of a country”.

During the week-end this vision made another evolution step: I understood that The Python serializer as data format is too limiting. The data format must be plain Python, not some part of Lino or Django.

Today I invested another full day of work in this topic. Starting with two observations:

  • “Paris is the capital of France” is an example of what the Wikipedia calls Common Knowledge.

  • The Estonian national statistic institute maintains a “List of classificators” (Klassifikaatorite nimistu), and one of them is “Classification of Estonian administrative units and settlements” (Eesti haldus- ja asustusjaotuse klassifikaator (EHAK). Unfortunately this file is not directly useable because it has no zip codes.

At the end of the day I had opened three new projects on GitHub:

TODO: adapt and to use this data.

See also commondata.