Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The commondata, commondata.ee and commondata.be projects don’t have a separate projects_info.py file because I wanted to keep them as simple as possible.

Already yesterday I thought what a pity that I cannot simply run ci on them! And that they won’t get included when I do pp fab ci or pp fab test!

But now atelier can handle projects like these! The drawback (or in fact a new requirement which I dare to consider an improvement after reading a question setup.py should use if __name__ == ‘__main__’, right? asked 07 Apr 2014 by Asheesh Laroia in distutils-sig and answered by Carl Meyer) is that every atelier project must now protect it’s setup.py file using an if __name__ == '__main__': construct.

TODO: fab summary reports the wrong description for commondata. That’s because the PROJECTS variable used by atelier is simply a list of Python module names. Atelier then imports these projects and uses their __file__ attribute. This trick does not work for namespace packages since these are defined at more than one place. Their __file__ attribute is unpredictable:

$ pywhich commondata