Thursday, June 12, 2014

Continued on There was a last stupid problem, not even related to the real problem but which blocks the demo. See next section.

Soodi and Söödi

Two innocent small villages in the south of Estonia caused me about one day of work. And taught me that Django’s unique_together meta option reduces Non-ASCII letters to their plain ASCII letter (e.g. “ö” becomes “o”). The problem is subtle since it passes in sqlite but fails in mysql.

The fixtures few_cities and eesti (both in lino.modlib.countries.fixtures ) must be specified in the right order: eesti must come first. Because it does not check whether the place already exists. While few_cities does this test.

I finally laid down this subject in a new ticket docs/tickets/109.

EventGenerators for multiple users

Worked on docs/tickets/104.

Preparation work: collect document about into

A first change is that the general hard-coded default value for is no longer + datetime.timedelta(days=-7) but simply None. This is a better default value. We need constant conditions in our test databases.

Then I started to look at how Lino generates demo data. Optimized the procedure.


  • Write a method Client.get_coach_by_date(date, coaching_type) which should cache the dates of coachings because it will be used by EventGenerator.

  • Write a test case. Robin Dubois scheint ein guter Testfall (hat drei DSBE-Begleitungen). Aber sein Vertrag wurde nicht vom richtigen Begleiter erstellt.

  • in the demo fixture, use the get_coach_by_date method also to see who was the author of every contract