Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Excerpts also for Così


  • Added lino.modlib.excerpts to Lino Così. ml.sales.Invoice is now lino.modlib.excerpts.Certifiable.

  • Started to document lino.modlib.sales.

  • Renamed field “invoicing_address” to “invoice_recipient”

  • The new lino.modlib.excerpts.fixtures.std fixture automatically creates a certifying lino.modlib.excerpts.ExcerptType instance for every model which inherits from lino.modlib.excerpts.Certifiable.

  • Cool: the new method used for the above fixture is also the beginning of a solution for docs/tickets/108.

So ml.sales.Invoice is no longer TypedPrintable but lino.modlib.excerpts.Certifiable. This currently means that every app which uses lino.modlib.sales must also install lino.modlib.excerpts. Hm… Can we leave this as this? Do we need automatic management of dependencies (i.e. lino.core.plugin.Plugin.requires)?

  • Another example why we need app dependencies is sepa and iban.


  • add lino.modlib.addresses to Lino Così

  • AddressesBy

Free default data for places and zip codes

Continued on docs/tickets/109.

The Python serializer : Django sometimes seems to also load fixtures from current directory. This was disturbing while writing cosi.tested.estonia because the following then caused a “Fixture has no attribute objects”:

$ cd lino_cosi/settings/est $ python initdb_demo