Saturday, December 20, 2014

New European VAT regulation

Lino is so cool! It seems that I solved #42 (New European VAT regulation) within a few hours! Okay there might be some details which might require attention when first users start to actually use it ;-) But all in all I am proud. When I read how a taxation change took 4 developers a week to handle, I got afraid and decided that it might be time to start working on this ticket. But unlike the developers at PA I have over 20 years of experience with handling VAT in an accounting software, so these topics were not new to me. Everything went as planned:

  • Added the new model lino.modlib.vat.models.VatRate (Change in database structure).

  • New fixture with the rates I know lino.modlib.vat.fixtures.euvatrates.

  • Moved documentation from lino.modlib.vat to lino.modlib.vat.

  • En passant I noticed that hide_sums was being ignored by lino.core.actors.Actor.to_rst().

Installed latest development version on And another good news: It seems that initdb now works also on InnoDB because it calls disable_constraint_checking(). So the problem described in Lino and the InnoDB engine has gone.