20141222 (Monday, 22 December 2014)


Inspired by Daniel Greenfield’s post about setup.py tricks, I enhanced my fab release to also do git tag. Until now I have never (seriously) used revision tags in my repos because I have never been in a situation where I would have needed them. But it is probable that we will soon need them as Lino is growing.

While I was there: the fab release command now also reminds me of the things to check before a release, and especiallay it now communicates with PyPI and displays information about the last official release.

Released atelier 0.0.6 with above changes, shortly followed by 0.0.7.

In atelier: renamed fab docs to fab md, renamed fab pub to fab pd.

Developers guide

I noticed that Lino 1.6.16 was not released on 2014-12-14. Released it now.

This means that the “Telling your Lino version” section of the Install your Lino developer environment has not been working.

Which reminded me an old wish: I wrote a new method shell_block and made use of it.

And I slightly changed the output of lino.hello: it no longer starts with “This is yet another Lino site” (because having Lino installed does not yet mean that you have a Lino site). lino.core.site.Site.using_text() instead of lino.core.site.Site.welcome_text().

Continued to move docstrings back from lino.ad to the source code.